Council lady Coffie wants attention for Monument Foundation Bonaire

Photo: Wilna Groeneboom

KRALENDIJK- The faction Coffie in the Island Council of independent Council lady Daisy Coffie wants the Executive Council’s attention when it comes to monument policy.

Coffie is shocked to find that the Monument Care Foundation has already sent 5 letters to the local government, without ever getting an answer. These are letters that the Foundation sent between December 2019 and November 2021. Because the foundation has not received any response, they recently decided to send copies to the members of the Island Council.

The Foundation calls urgent attention to two matters: Financing for the restoration of monuments and the position of the Foundation Monuments and Care Bonaire. As strange as it may seem, the Monumentenzorg Bonaire Foundation has not received any response to these letters.

‘In these letters, among other things, the preparatory work that the Monumentenzorg Bonaire Foundation performs is discussed, without the foundation receiving the necessary response and/or support from the island government. It is unbelievable how the island government handles our monuments. If even the organization appointed by the island government itself to direct the work does not get the necessary support, what about the monuments themselves.


Coffie regrets that due to the lack of action, money is also lost that could potentially be available through the National Restoration Fund. “But they won’t be available without the cooperation of the island government,” Coffie sighs.

The council lady now hopes that the Executive Council will shortly give an explanation to the Island Council about its monument policy and also its plans with regard to the Monument Care Foundation.

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