Council member Pieters (PDB) highly critical of approved budget amendment

Council man Michael Pieters is highly critical of the approval of the 3rd budget amendment by the Island Council last week.

Kralendijk- Island Council member Michael Pieters is highly critical of the way the third budget amendment was approved last week, December 29th 2016, in the Island Council. According to Pieters, the amendment was not made public in a timely fashion, while both the WOLBES and FINBES are quite clear as to how the process of a budget amendment should take place.

To add insult to injury, commissioner of Finance, Joselito Statia was absent during the Island Council meeting during which the amendment was treated. While Pieters stated he could understand that the commissioner was absent due to sickness, he could not understand that the commissioner’s replacement, Nina den Heyer, was also absent.

In a weird political twist, the budget amendment was not only voted for by parties supporting the MPB-Bernabela coalition, but also 2 of Pieters’ colleagues within the opposition party Partido Demcratico Bonaireano (PDB). Both Robby Beukenboom and Marugia Janga voted in favor of the amended budget. The move adds fuel to rumors of a deep divide in the red party.

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