Councilman Wout (MPB) submits written questions about alleged integrity violation Commissioner Abraham

KRALENDIJK – Councilman Humprey (Junny) Wout from the one person MPB faction in the island council has submitted written questions to Lt. Governor Nolly Oleana regarding the alleged non-integrity actions of PDB leader and also Commissioner Clark Abraham.

The questions build upon a press conference earlier this week by the opposition parties MBP and UPB. The parties claim that Abraham acted has showed a lack of integrity with a business transaction, which he conducted well before taking office as deputy. In this transaction, Abraham failed to deliver goods to Fundashon Mariadal despite the hospital making an advance payment. Additionally, it was revealed, after the case became public, that Abraham’s company was still in the process of being established and had not been formally registered yet.

Through a set of eleven written questions, Wout now seeks to find out what actions Governor Oleana has taken in the context of the case and how he views the matter.

It is noteworthy from Wout’s questions and remarks that the councilor does not seem to grasp the difference between a judgment in a civil case and a criminal conviction. Abraham was recently found at fault in a civil case filed by Fundashon Mariadal and was ordered to repay the hospital for a unfulfilled obligation to supply bedding.


Abraham, in turn, maintains that the case pertains to the period before he became a deputy, and he will comply with the court’s decision. Abraham believes that this settles the matter.

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