Councilwoman Coffie Wants Law on Temp Agencies enforced

Councilwoman Daisy Coffie during a recent meeting of the Island Council in Bonaire

Kralendijk- Indpendent Island Council woman Daisy Coffie of the Fraction Coffie wants Local Government to enforce a law on temp agencies and subcontractors. Coffie has written a letter to the Executive Council with questions about the implementation of this law.

According to Coffie, the issue has been covered extensively in the media, while the trade unions have publicized voices of concern. “Last week, the situation even got so out of hand that there was violence and arrest of an employee. This concerns the phenomenon of ‘employment agency’ and / or ‘subcontractor’. Both concepts fall under the chapter: making employees available”, according to Coffie in her later to the Executive Council.

Coffie’s letter refers to a situation which last week got out of hand at the construction site of the new Chogogo Resort on Bonaire. A disgruntled employee of a subcontractor who claimed he had not received any pay for the last 2 months, attacked an employee of the main contractor, Haafkes.


While the law on temp agencies and subcontractors exists since the year 2010, the enforcement thereof is virtually non-existent. Councilwoman Coffie now wants to hear from the Executive Council what they plan on doing to enforce the law and how they will assist in preventing abuse of local workers at the hands of either temp agencies or subcontractors.

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