Court of Audit St. Eustatius pays working visit to island

ORANJESTAD- The Board of the Court of Audit St. Eustatius recently paid their first working visit to St. Eustatius from August 29th to September 2nd. The new members, appointed in March 2022 of this year, conducted interviews with civil servants, several NGO’s, government owned companies, private sector consultants and the Island and Executive Council. 

The intention of these meetings was to introduce the board to all stakeholders and to become acquainted with the public and private sector stakeholders. The Court of Audit is established by the Island Council as an independent entity responsible for conducting of inquiries into the efficiency and legitimacy of the execution of the task and responsibilities in the public sector. 

During the various meetings held, the Board discussed the execution of policies in various domains such as social housing, infrastructure, tourism development and afterschool care. The financial and economic challenges of the island was also a recurring subject brought to the attention of the Board. 


The information gathered during the week of interviews will serve as a basis for creating a list of potential subjects of inquiry which will be established and presented to the Island Council as a part of the research agenda of the Court of Audit going forward. Reports and information regarding the Court of Audit St. Eustatius will be made available to the general public via their website which will be online soon. In the meantime, the Court of Audit can be approached via email at

The Court is expected to conduct its first inquiry during the last quarter of the year, which will entail a formal inventory of all stakeholders in the public sector.

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