Critical Covid-patients Bonaire now sent to Colombia

Bonaire Medicair’s Learjet used for Medivac Operations. Photo: Jeandre Cicilia

Kralendijk- The number of Covid-cases on Curaçao is currently growing so fast, that critical patients from Bonaire cannot easily be accommodated at the ICU in Curaçao.

This had led to a situation where critical patients from Bonaire are being transported to hospitals in Colombia for more advanced care.

Yesterday a total of 3 patients were transported to the Palo Negro Airport in Bucaramanga.

The Curaçao Medical Center is setting up temporary facilities to deal with the increased demand in special care by the surge in Covid patients.


Just this afternoon an additional 506 new infections were announced in Curaçao, bringing the total number of active cases to well above 3000.

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