Cruise ships adhere well to Bonaire’s corona conditions

KRALENDIJK – The cruise ships adhere well to the corona conditions of Bonaire to let persons on board go ashore. They work well together with the department of Public Health and the harbor master, these two parties let us know. 

The ships have been coming back to the island since September last year. Since then it has happened once that a ship was refused entry. That was because the infections on board were rising, the cruise ship management was understanding.

Cruise ships always have to submit health certificates of passengers and crew members 72 hours before arrival. In connection with COVID-19 they also have to meet the corona conditions to be allowed on Bonaire. Cruise ship passengers are required to take a PCR test before their trip begins. If they test positive, they are not allowed on the cruise. Crew members are tested regularly. There are facilities on board for PCR testing and antigen testing for the passengers.

Before arriving at a destination, the passengers are tested. Those who test positive or have symptoms are not allowed to leave the ship. If in doubt or if there are too many infections, the seafarers and crew are not allowed to go ashore. All ships have rules for the source and contact investigation in case of an infection. The ships have their own hospital on board as well as rooms for passengers or crew members who need to be quarantined or isolated.

The Public Health Department is in close contact with public health services on Aruba and Curaçao. The islands exchange information with each other about the health of those on board and also about policy and corona measures. In this way, the department stays abreast of the cruise ship experience on the other islands.

For cruise ship passengers, there are tours just for them. Cruise ship passengers, like all other visitors, must abide by corona rules.

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