Boat from Curacao capsized on the way to Venezuela

Willemstad – This morning, July 31, 2020, at 07:35, a call came in via VHF channel 16 to the Rescue & Coordination Center of the Coast Guard. The call came from the vessel “La Menta” that had 3 people taken out of the water after their boat capsized.

The Steunpunt Parera immediately sent out a Metal Shark to assist. The Station ship also went to the location and sent one of their interceptors to assist. Upon arrival, the Metal Shark squad found 3 people of Venezuelan nationality. Initially, the Metal Shark took the persons to the jetty of Sta. Barbara brought in to find out what had happened. The 3 people have been living in Curaçao for 2 years and had bought the boat, “TISORANJE”, 3 months ago. They collected food and clothing for their families in Venezuela and left Spanish Water at 22:00 on the way to Venezuela last night. Their boat capsized at 1 am.

Coastguard personnel have issued mouth masks as a precaution, although the individuals have not reached Venezuela. The persons were then transferred to Rio Canario and handed over to the KPC.

The Metal Shark and the Frisc searched for the overturned boat and found some bags of food and clothing. The tip of the boat is still visible.

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