Curaçao Closes Airspace for European Flights

The decision was communicated in a press conference this morning. Photo: Dick Drayer

Willemstad- Curaçao has decided to close its borders for flights coming out of Europe. The decision was taken to lower the chances that the Corona virus is imported into the island.

Yesterday saw a first confirmed case of a Corona virus patient who had traveled from The Netherlands.

During the press conference information was provided by epidemiologist Izzy Gerstenbluth, PM Eugene Ruggenaath and Health minister Suzy Camelia Römer.


The closure of the airspace is another blow to especially KLM, which already saw itself confronted with limitation of flights to the United States. The measure is however an enormous blow to the tourism on the island.

So far it is unknown if Bonaire will follow the measure taken by Curaçao. So far flights from KLM and Tui to Bonaire seem to be continuing to operate.

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