Curaçao implements extra test requirment for travelers arriving from Bonaire

A view of Willemstad. Photo:

KRALENDIJK- Curaçao has categorized Bonaire now as ‘very high risk country in their new countrylist. This means that travelers will have to undergo both a PCR test before traveling to Curaçao as well as take an additional anti-gen test on the third day after arrival.

Bonaire is doing considerably worse as of late compared to Curaçao when it comes to new infections. While both daily new infections on Curaçao as total cases have come steadily down, Bonaire continues on the same line with a daily positive testrate of between 12 and 15%.

Hands-off approach

The worst part of the current situation is that local government is all but invisible in the current outbreak. No extra preventative measures have been taken, while the last press conference of Government to speak about the Covid-19 situation on the island dates back from two weeks ago.

The Public Health Department, day in, day out sends out the exact same press statement, noting that ’the source of the infections is known’. No additional information is being provided. It is unknown why Bonaire is doing so much worse than all other Dutch Caribbean islands.

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