Curaçao Mulls Closing Borders for Sint Maarten once more

JetAir at present is the only carrier executing flights between Curaçao and Sint Maarten. Photo: Harald Linkels

Willemstad, Curaçao -The Government of Curaçao is strongly considering to close the border for flights out of St. Maarten a second time, after having opened to these flights only a few weeks ago.

The news comes after a press conference by epidemiologist Izzy Gerstenbluth last week said that the country had to be mindful of admitting passengers from countries with a lot of infections.

St. Maarten is currently experiencing a second wave of (probably) local infections. Curacao government said that their policy would follow recommendations by Gerstenbluth.

In ads published yesterday, Curaçao Government warned travelers that if they traveled to St. Maarten under the current circumstances, they would do so ‘on their own risk’.


The news is a bummer for JetAir Caribbean, as flights between St. Maarten and Curaçao are the only ones the Curaçao-based carrier is currently executing. St. Maarten based Winair had earlier stated that, given the circumstances and low number of travelers, they would not be able to maintain the route for now.

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