Curator in Bopec bankruptcy sells crude oil to generate funds

KRALENDIJK- The curator of the BOPEC oil terminal, Stan van Lier, plans to refurbish the Bopec installations. The proceeds from the sale of crude oil are used for this purpose.

The intention is that the tanker M/T Altair will collect the crude oil on Thursday. The pipelines of the oil storage company have been pre-inspected to allow for transshipment. This also applies to the oil tanks, the pump, the jetty and other technical facilities. The port office has also tested all operational and technical actions.

According to information from the Public Entity Bonaire, the terminal, together with the office of the Harbour Master, is prepared for possible oil spills into the sea. Should this occur, the port office has oil screens and pumps ready. Two tugs are also coming from Curaçao to assist in the operation. After calling at Bonaire, the tanker M/T Altair sails on to Rotterdam.


The curator plans to refurbish Bopec’s installations. The proceeds from the sale of oil are used for this purpose. “With this operation, the curator aims to help the Public Entity, to reach a long-term solution for Bopec Terminal,” according to a press release from the OLB.

On Bonaire, reactions to the news are mixed. “The Curator should sell assets from the Estate in order to pay the creditors”, according to an expert consulted, who doubts whether refurbishing the terminal fits that objective.

PDB leader Clark Abraham also has questionmarks about the plan. First and foremost, I think that  Bopec’s creditors, such as the employees, should be paid with the proceeds of any sale”, according to Abraham. 

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