Curvin George new director Youth care and Family Supervision

As of January 2018, Curvin George has been appointed as the new director of Youth care and Family Supervision Carbibbean Netherlandsafter a thorough selection procedure. He is currently director of the Guardianship Council CN. He has fulfilled this position since July 2013, before that he worked as senior council researcher at the Guardianship Council.

In recent years, Curvin George helped to build the organization and improve the quality. This year, the Inspectionfor  Youth Care found that the quality of the Guardianship Council CN is satisfactory. This means that research in the interests of the safety of the children in Caribbean Netherlands is up to standard. He has brought the justice chain together in the context of juvenile crime. In this project, three models of intervention in juvenile crime were set up in cooperation with, among others, KPCN. He succeeded, after more than 10 years, to bring all directors of Guardianship Councils from the region together in Aruba. The aim of this was to achieve uniformity in work and to formulate a common goal.

In his new position Curvin George will be involved in youth care in the Caribbean Netherlands. Curvin George: “The youth care is an important sector in the Caribbean Netherlands that deserves attention over the next few years”.

The application process for the post of director Guardianship Council will be  started soon.

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