Police and justice

Customs Carries out Multidisciplinary Control

Kralendijk- On Saturday, June 6th , Customs, together with chain partners Royal Dutch Police (Kmar) and Police Department KPCN, conducted a multidisciplinary check on the Kaya C.E.B Hellmund and the South pier.

Cars were checked for prohibited goods, illegal imports, the validity of insurance and driving licenses. In addition, it was also checked whether people were in possession of valid residence permits. During the first part of this action, on the South pier, a total of 52 vehicles were checked.

The Customs narcotics dog was used for two vehicles. During the action, a harpoon and a small amount of hashish was found. These have been seized. The KPCN has issued two fines to drivers who did not have their documents in order. During the second part of this action, a total of 12 vehicles were checked at various locations along the South coast of Bonaire. No infractions were found during this control.


Multidisciplinary controls have already taken place in the past period and they prove to be successful. Customs, KPCN and KMar are satisfied with the cooperation and efficiency. By joining forces and expertise, controls are deployed more widely, which is not only efficient but also a lot more effective. The multidisciplinary checks will be held even more often this year.

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