Cyber Crime Unit KPCN visits Liseo Boneriano

KRALENDIJK – Last week, the Cyber Crime Unit (CCU) of the Dutch Caribbean Police Force visited several first grade classes of the Liseo Boneriano to explain about cybercrime.

The game “framed,” designed by the National Police to make students aware of cybercrime, had been introduced by the CCU to students of Bonaire. While playing the game, students are confronted with different examples of cybercrime.

During their visit, detectives from the CCU educated the youth on the risks of social media and cyber crime offenses such as hacking, DDoS attacks, Phishing etc. The students also learned a lot about the Cyber Crime Unit in the Dutch Caribbean and the various collaborations with national and international partners.

Both students and teachers received a number of preventive tips to avoid cybercrime such as the importance of a strong password, two-factor authentication, timely security updates of apps and devices, and regularly checking your accounts for suspicious logins or unrecognized devices. The students were very enthusiastic about the topic and ended the day with a quiz where they could test everything they had learned.

The Cyber Crime Unit of the Dutch Caribbean Police Force is proactively creating awareness about the risks of cybercrime. Young people are more frequently online and that makes them vulnerable to cybercrime, through proactive education we can keep our youth safe.

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