D66 first, CDA second on BES Islands

Koos Sneek, local candidate on the CDA list, is very happy with the result. Photo: BES-Reporter

Kralendijk- Liberal-democratic party D66 is the big winner on the BES-islands. Contrary to the situation in The Netherlands, where VVD turned out to be the big winner, on the BES-islands D66 got the most votes, followed by the Christian-democrat CDA party. CDA was the only party with a local candidate. Especially in St. Eustatius, Koos Sneek gathered an impressive amount of personal votes. On Statia 77% of the votes went to the CDA Party. On Bonaire this was 413 votes and on 40 votes on Saba. Overall on the 3 islands, the CDA gathered 791 votes.

“I am very content with this result and it shows that inclusion can make the difference” said Koos Sneek. “I take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out to cast their vote in these elections. You have rightfully exercised your constitutional right. My special thanks goes out to all 791 voters who placed their red dot on list number 5. And of course, I like to thank all those who placed their red dot in front of number 49”, said Sneek. Sneek also said he had received massive support from the Democratic Party on St. Eustatius, of which party Sneek is a prominent member and candidate when it comes to local elections.

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