Daily new Covid-infections remain relatively high on Bonaire

KRALENDIJK- The number of daily new positive tests on Bonaire remains relatively high. On Sunday, a total of 15 out of 40 test conducted yielded a positive result. This means a positive test rate of well over 30%.

The total number of active cases on the island has also increased, with a total of 142 cases. Fortunately, there is no increase in the number of persons treated at the hospital due to Covid-19 related symptoms. There are currently 2 people treated at Fundashon Mariadal.


Governor Edsion Rijna on Thursday afternoon said that autorities would be monitoring the infection rate to potentially adjust current preventative measures. An important criterion is not only the number of total cases or even the number of daily positive tests, but rather the amount of people needing special care at the hospital.

Rijna, in response to a question by correspondent Harald Linkels, denied that local government had turnes somewhat lax in communication about Corona-prevention. “I have checked with our communications department and they are still sending out daily messages”, said Rijna.

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