Daisy Coffee wants high ticket prices back on agenda

Daisy Coffee wants high ticket prices back on agenda

KRALENDIJK- Island Council member Daisy Coffie, of the Fraction Coffie, wants the issue of high ticket prices for inter-island travel back on the agenda. 

Coffie says that a committee under leadership of former KLM CEO, Peter Hartman had drawn up a report on the issue, with concrete recommendations to address the issue. “What I want to know is why the recommendations were never heard of again”.

Coffie also points to the fact that in no way could the issue of public transportation on the islands be compared to The Netherlands. “In the Netherlands you just hop on a train and travel to another city for a few Euro’s, but that is not the case for us”, says Coffie.

Coffie says that a round trip ticket to Curaçao can easily cost up to 180 dollars. “And in these times of Covid, you spend more to the tune of 300 dollars, with all additional costs these days”.

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