Daisy Coffie hopes that 2022 will be year of ‘desired developments’ 

KRALENDIJK- Council lady Daisy Coffie of “Frakshon Coffie” in the island council, wishes the Bonairean population a healthy, enjoyable and successful 2022. 

“I hope this year brings everything that makes you happy both privately and professionally. In terms of governance, I hope that 2022 will be a year in which the desired developments are achieved more than ever before”, says Coffie in a press release. 

The council lady says that she thinks of education with a clear vision for the future, poverty alleviation, recovery and growth of the economy, restoration of our road network that must go hand in hand with road safety, preservation of our own culture, attention to sports, etcetera.


As “Frakshon Coffie” I want to continue my work as a member of parliament as in the past. I am convinced that this will benefit the functioning of our island council and our island government. That is why I would like to appeal to all residents of Bonaire to contact me for matters with which I can be of service to them’, says Daisy Coffie.

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