Daisy Coffie impressed by work of Plenchi di Trabou

Daisy Coffie impressed by work of Plenchi di Trabou
Daisy Coffie (m) with manager Susanne Willems and Yajaira Nicolaas (r)

KRALENDIJK – Council lady Daisy Coffie of the Faction Coffie last week paid a visit to employment office Plenchi di Trabou employment office last week and showed herself impressed by what she heard and saw.

“I criticized Plenchi di Trabou some time ago. That is why I received an invitation for a personal introduction”. Coffie says she appreciated the gesture in itself, but was really impressed by what she heard during her visit”.

“I now have a much better idea of ​​what Plenchi di Trabou does, and I appreciate what is being done here by manager Susanne Willems and her Yajaira Nicolaas,” says Coffie.

The council lady got, among other things, a picture of various projects by Plenchi di Trabou di still in the pipeline.


According to Coffie, she was also able to discuss bottlenecks in the labour market with Plenchi di Trabou. “With an unemployment rate of 4.9%, Bonaire is in fact doing quite well. What we have conluded thought is that there is an imbalance between supply and demand on our labour market”.

“Currently there is a lot of demand for people with a completed BA/MA education, but many of our local kids are not schooled at this level,” says Coffie. The councillor believes that this will be a major challenge for the island for the years to come and something that should be worked on. 

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