Daisy Coffie (M21): Government Bonaire is hiding behind STINAPA regarding flooding

KRALENDIJK- Councilor for the Fracie Coffie and the M21 party in formation says that the Government of Bonaire should not be hiding behind nature organization STINAPA, when it comes to flooding as a result of the abundant rainfall during recent roads.

“This flooding has to do with a lot of things, such as lack of planning, lack of good infrastructure and lack of drainage. However, it has nothing to do with STINAPA”, says Coffie.

The council lady says with some surprise that he has taken note of the fact that the blame for the flooding and flooding seems to be shifted to the shoes of STINAPA. “STINAPA is not at all about infrastructure and can certainly not decide to have channels closed for drainage,” said the councilor.

Time for action

According to Coffie, local government should take action in response to the problems that have arisen. “I believe that the Executive Council is limiting the Netherlands to label the situation as a calamity. I also think that a team of experts should look into the situation on the island when it comes to drainage.” Coffie says the impending consequences of global climate change make this all the more urgent.

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