Daisy Coffie (M21) wants update about situation at Bonlab

KRALENDIJK – Council lady Daisy Coffie of the M21 wants to receive an update from the Executive Council on the situation with Bonlab. The Council lady has sent off a letter with several written questions, but asks for them to be answered publicly in the next Island Council meeting. 

In her letter Coffie points to the fact that June will be a crucial month for the lab, which is a company owned by the Public Entity Bonaire. ZJCN had provided a temporary contract to the lab to continue with the provision of service, pending an assessment to be made by an independent committee. 

“It is clear what the Executive Council and the Island Council would like to see. As the date of June 1 is fast approaching, I am asking that we, as a Council, receive an update from the Executive Council on the situation”. 


Coffie wants to know of the Executive Council if the advice Committee was indeed put into place and -if so- who the members of the Committee are. Coffie also requests to be informed as to the exact task the committee was provided with and to whom they will report. 

Coffie furthermore wants to know if a Supervisory Board has in the meantime been appointed at Bonlab, as the articles of incorporation dictate and if a social plan has been drafted for the worst case scenario, where Bonlab will cease to exist as an independent organization. “I would also like to know if financial means have been put aside to finance an eventual Social Plan”, according to Coffie in closing. 

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