Daisy Coffie now also joins discussion about deformity in castrated donkeys Bonaire

Protrusions on, among other things, the neck and hips of the donkeys has been reason for a lot of  discussion on Social Media.

KRALENDIJK- It has been circulating on social media for a while, but council lady Daisy Coffie is now also joining the discussion about alleged deformities in several donkeys on the island.

For a few days now, photos have been posted on social media of donkeys that are said to have strange bulges on their bodies. According to Marina Melis of Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire there is nothing wrong. “These are male donkeys who have been castrated and who are getting fatter and fatter because of their hormone balance, which has changed as a result of the castration” said Melis in an earlier response to the alleged malformations. 

While Coffie has taken notice of the explanation given by Melis, she is still not convinced. “What’s wrong with these donkeys? There are various weird bulges on their bodies. I am not seeing donkeys who have simply gotten fat”, Coffie said in a discussion on her Facebook page.


The politician now wants to visit Melis personally to discuss the bulges found in the donkeys. Although Melis has been committed to the shelter of donkeys on the island for years, the wildest stories tell about the shelter and a castration program that was set up years ago together with the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB).

Various residents of the island believe that donkeys should not be taken care of or castrated at all, but should roam freely in the wild. Melis, on the other hand, regularly points out that the stray donkeys do not have such a nice life in nature. The donkeys are regularly run over and killed by inattentive drivers and attacked by, among other things, stray dogs.

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