Dave Levenstone proposes to rename Paris Hill road to Rebecca Levenstone-Jones Road

It is not the first time that Levenstone makes a case for more recognition of people who have made a contribution to the island. Photo: Dave Levenstone.

THE BOTTOM – Dave Levenstone, leader of the Extraparliamentery Party United People Movement (UPM) has written a letter to the Executive Council of Saba to ask them to rename the Paris Hill road, to Rebecca Levenstone-Jones Road or street.

“My reason for putting this before the Executive Council is based on the fact after reading a very nice article from a reporter on Bonaire regarding the late Rebecca. Several sections of the article were also quoting stories from Mr. Will Johnson”, said Levenstone on Wednesday. Levenstone also said he did not see any value of the name Paris Hill Road, as it does not reflect anything. 

“When I think back how the road use to be as a young man growing up, the late Rebecca had to walk up steps with loads on her head. My request is to have the road or street from Below the Gap to the monument in her honor”. 


Levenstone also said that he felt that the island had to start giving credit to those persons who contributed to the development of the island.

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