Dave Levenstone (UPM-Saba): Closer Ties to English Speaking Caribbean

Levenstone, seen here at the presentation of his list for the upcoming Island Council elections, wants closer ties to both the English Speaking Caribbean and what he calls ‘our brothers and sisters’ of the other Dutch Caribbean islands.

The Bottom, Saba- United People Movement (UPM) candidate Dave Levenstone says he would like to see more focus on and closer ties to the English speaking islands close to Saba.

According to Levenstone, Saba in the past already adopted the Caribbean Examination Council exam system (CXC), so it only makes sense to look towards the English Speaking Caribbean when it comes to studies or exchange programs for students from Saba.

“Surprisingly enough, so far in this campaign it has not been thrown in my face as of yet that I was not born on Saba, but on St. Kitts”, said Levenstone during a radio broadcast this evening. “There is nothing wrong with being born in St. Kitts, I can assure you I am very proud of it”.

According to Levenstone, it makes little sense for Saba to only focus on The Netherlands, when there are good opportunities abound for cooperation with close neighbors of Saba, such as St. Kits, Montserrat or Anguilla. Levenstone also said he found it making more sense for students from Saba to pursue studies at an institute like the University of the West Indies, than Holland.

Levenstone pointed out that over the years he has build a very good network with officers on all the surrounding island and that he could draw on those contacts to make things happen, when needed.

Relations with other Dutch Caribbean islands
Levenstone would not only like to see closer ties to other English Speaking Caribbean islands, but also with the other islands of the former Netherlands Antilles. “If someone from St. Maarten wants to come and earn their living here, they have to go through the same process as someone from Egypt”, said Levenstone. “Does this make sense? No it doesn’t.” Levenstone pointed out that many ties exist with the other Dutch Caribbean islands and that many islanders, in the past, had earned a living on for instance Curaçao or Aruba. “There is nothing wrong with that”, according to Levenstone.

Levenstone kept stressing on the fact that, if elected, he would do things different than other elected politicians. “There are those who only become active once every four years, when it is election time. However, if the people of Saba elect me, I will be there full time defending the interest of the people of Saba.

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