Day of candidacy for the electoral colleges for the First Chamber coming up

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Kralendijk – On March 20th, 2019 Dutch residents can cast their vote on candidates for the Electoral Colleges for the First Chamber (Senate). The day of application for the electoral college of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba is on Monday, February 4th, 2019. On this day candidates hand in their lists of candidates at the central polling station of the public entity. In addition, the following requirements apply for candidacy.


For membership of an electoral college the Dutch nationality is required. One has to be a resident of the public entity, at least eighteen years old and is not excluded from the right to vote. 

Lists of candidates

The lists of candidatesfrom political parties or individual candidates should be submitted on February 4th, 2019 between 9 am and 5 pm at the central polling station of the public entity for the election of members of the electoral colleges. On February 4th the candidates can go to:

  • Bonaire
    • Passangrahan,Plasa Reina Wilhelmina 1, Tel: +599 717 5332
  • St. Eustatius
    • Census Office, Chapel Piece Road 1, Tel: +599-318-2027 or + 599-318-2497. 
  • Saba
    • Census Office, Power Street 1, Tel: +599-4163497 or +599-4163582
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Support statements

At the same time, the political parties should submit a minimum of ten support statements per electoral district (public entity) for the candidacy for the election of members for the electoral college of the First Chamber. The statements are signed by voters who reside in the electoral district (public entity) for which the list of candidates is submitted. A voter who wants to submit a support statement, needs to fill in a form at the office of the public entity/Census Office. In addition, this person needs to show his identity to an official of the public entity. Voters can submit a support statement from Monday January 21sttill Monday February 4th, 2019.

Security deposit

Because this is the first time that an electoral college election is held, a security deposit of USD 225 must be paid to the public entity for each list of candidates that is submitted. On the day after the application, the central polling station will hold a session to examine the credentials of the candidates in each electoral district. The deposit will be refunded when the election results, confirmed by the central polling station, show that the voting rate of the list reaches at least 75% of the electoral quota. The deposit should be transferred to the appropriate account of the public entity:

  • Account number Bonaire:

Bank number:              301.002.03

i.n.o.:                           Openbaar Lichaam Bonaire

Address bank account:  J.A. Abraham Blvd. 27

Bank:                            MCB (Bonaire) N.V.

Address bank:               Bulevar Gobernador N. Debrot # 70

Swiftcode:                   MCBKBQBN

Description:                Waarborgsom kandidaatstelling KK2019

  • Account Number St. Eustatius: 

WIB BANK ACCOUNT:    32487505 

i.n.o.:                           Island-Receiver St. Eustatius  

SWIFTCODE:                 WISBSXSM

  • Account number Saba:

Beneficiary Bank:          Windward Islands Bank Ltd.

Swift BIC:                      WISBSXSM

Beneficiary Name:        Island Receiver

Beneficiary Address:     The Bottom, Saba

Beneficiary Account      Nr. 80004608

Description:                 Borgstelling ERV 2019

RCN is implementing the information campaign on behalf of the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. The Public Entities are responsible for organizing the elections. 

On you will find relevant background information and detailed information about the First Chamber, the electoral college, the voting process and application.

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