DCNA hires Maartje de Jonge as fundraising manager

KRALENDIJK – The Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) recently hired Maartje de Jonge as Fundraising Manager, to create more capacity within DCNA and its member organisations. This position is generously funded by Vogelbescherming Nederland.

De Jonge will bring her expertise in the field of education, sustainable energy, sales and the introduction of a sustainable technical solution for the Dutch Wadden Islands. Together with DCNA’s Fundraising Committee, she will develop strategic plans to raise funds for nature conservation in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Structural fundraising capacity

DCNA has been able to provide emergency funding through the Conservation Trust Fund to parks to survive the pandemic. However, this has only been sufficient to provide short-term operational support. To ensure structural fundraising capacity, DCNA has established a Fundraising Committee to help bridge the financial gaps.

“However, there is a need for a dedicated staff member to implement and coordinate fundraising activities as outlined by the Fundraising Committee. The parks need consistent, long-term funding to ensure they are able to plan and implement important conservation strategies in the years ahead,” the organisation said in a letter to the media.

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