DCNA Introduces New Dualistic Governance Model

Chairperson Hellen van der Wal and secretary Kai Wulf signing the new articles of incorporation at the notary on St Maarten on behalf of the DCNA board. Photo: Leslie Hickerson

The Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance (DCNA) says to have taken a significant step in its organizational development by transitioning to a dualistic governance model. 

The so-called two-tier model, implemented on December 4, 2023, introduces a clear distinction between the Managing Board, responsible for day-to-day operations, and the Supervisory Board, tasked with oversight and governance. The change in governance is expected to enhance effectiveness in fundraising and nature conservation in the Dutch Caribbean region. DCNA continues to prioritize transparency and accountability, emphasizing the importance of a smooth decision-making process. The new governance model aligns with international best practices and positions DCNA to operate more effectively in the intricate landscape of nature conservation.

Advisory Board

Additionally, an Advisory Board is established, comprising representatives from the island partner organizations, providing a constructive platform for discussing nature conservation programs and policy formulation.

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