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Debut Exhibition of Bonaire painter

Debut Exhibition of Bonaire painter
Diana Sint Jago debuts as Bonaire painter with an exhibition of 12 paintings from January 30 to February 11 at the Bistro de Paris.
This is the first time that Diana Sint Jago shows her paintings to the public. The paintings are acrylics on canvas. The nature and the landscapes of Bonaire inspired Diana and this is evident in the themes. For the last 20 years she has been portraying her emotions and inspiration by using paint and canvas, and now she is ready to show her work to the public.

Diana can be seen as an autodidact who has taken some classes from local artist and art teacher Adi Figaroa. There are 12 paintings shown in the exhibition that are for sale.
An invitation goes out to the entire community of Bonaire to come and visit the exhibition and thereby giving support to a new Bonaire artist.
The Bistro de Paris is open for Lunch and Dinner Monday to Saturday. Debut Exhibition of Bonaire painter

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