Delegate Thielman in conversation with residents from Antriol

KRALENDIJK – Delegate Hennyson Thielman will visit the Antriol neighborhood next Thursday to have a conversation with residents. 

Normally he receives citizens who want to speak to him during a weekly consultation hour at the office. This time, the delegate chooses to do it differently next week: instead of at the office, he will visit Antriol in person between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm. He wants to talk to the residents in their own neighborhood and exchange views with them. 


Those who live in Antriol and would like to speak to Delegate Thielman next Thursday, March 3, can make an appointment at or call +599 715 5330 ext. 5369. When the appointment is made, the location of the meeting will be coordinated with the deputy: it could be at the home of the person requesting the meeting or somewhere else in the district.

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