Delegation of National Museum of Slavery meets Statia Island Council

A view of the visit in progress at Statia’s Island Council. Photo: Government of Statia

ORANJESTAD- The special delegation from the new National Museum of Slavery is visiting Statia to gather information, and discuss the ins and outs of the envisaged museum in Amsterdam. 

On Wednesday there was an open discussion with Statians on the plans for the museum. On Thursday, the delegation met with the Island Council and the Government Council to exchange ideas and discuss several aspects of the plans.

The delegation consists of Diane Landveld from the City of Amsterdam, as well as National Museum of Slavery quartermasters, Peggy Brandon and John Leerdam.


The museum will document the history of transatlantic slavery and slavery in the Dutch colonies in the Indian Ocean. The museum’s content will target a broad audience, with a focus on education, art, information and research. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) supports the initiative. The delegation will visit all six Caribbean islands of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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