Delno Tromp New President of STINAPA Board

Tromp is the son of toursim-icon 'Niki Tromp' who, together with Hugo Gerharts were true tourism pioneers for the island. Photo: STINAPA
Delno Tromp

Tromp is the son of tourism-icon ‘Niki’ Tromp who, together with Hugo Gerharts, helped to put Bonaire on the world map. Photo: STINAPA

Kralendijk- Last Tuesday evening, September 18, 2018, Delno Tromp was elected unanimously by the STINAPA board of directors as the new Board president.

Tromp is very experienced in the public and private sector in Bonaire and Curacao as well as in the Netherlands and the USA. Tromp, a Bonairean, was already previously a member of the STINAPA board before being elected as the new president.

“I have always been very interested in the strong connection with nature, which is the foundation of our community, our inheritance and economy, and our future here on Bonaire. Furthermore this realization always motivated my public, professional and social activities, especially Bonaire, the island that is my home where I was born”, Tromp said in a press release.

“STINAPA has already started with the execution of an ambitious progressive plan. We are on the way of big changes; a more specific focus on STINAPA’s mission, a new structure to help us reach desired goals, a stronger relationship with our community and partners in the public and private sector and to reach a higher level of service. Changes and journeys of improvement are hard and difficult work sometimes, but very necessary. I am very happy with this opportunity to be able to contribute to our common goal: that STINAPA will continue with the service to our community successfully and with pride”, according to Tromp.

Delno Tromp studied in Puerto Rico and the mainland of the USA. He achieced a Ph.D. in Philosophy and Business Administration; a Master of Science in Business Administrative Studies; a Bachelor degree in Tourism and an Associate degree in Science Hotel Administration.

The STINAPA board said they look forward to a continued productive and successful relationship with the board under the leadership of Tromp.

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