Demands in Drum-case are made known

The prosecutor’s office has today announced the demands in the Drum-case against the suspects of the robbery at Sabadeco Shores, which led to the death of office Ferry Bakx.

Kralendijk- This morning the seven suspects in the case of the home robbery in Sabadeco Shores in August of last year, have heard the demand against them. Not only are they charged with the robbery and the killing of officer Ferry Bakx, but also for possession of illegal arms, human trafficking and drug trafficking. Of the suspects 6 have the Venezuelan nationality, whereas one suspect has the Dutch nationality.

A total of no less than 124 years imprisonment has been demanded for the group of seven suspects. The prosecutor wants to see a total of 25 years imprisonment for Nitzael Padilla, who is the suspect whose bullet killed officer Bakx. Against local Rachyt Saragosa, a total of 20 years was demanded. For other suspects a total between 15 and 18 years imprisonment has been demanded.

Padilla has in the meantime admitted to have shot Bakx. The suspect declared that he feared that Bakx was going to shoot a family member, who was also involved in the robbery. “In Venezuela, where I am from, the police shoots first and then asks questions”, declared Padilla, who said he was sure Bakx was going to shoot when he saw the officer holding a gun.

Apart from the imprisonment, the Prosecutor also demanded damages in the sum of 14.000 dollars for the family who fell victim to the robbery as well as for the widow of officer Baks.

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