Democratic Party Bonaire asks for a recount of votes

Island Governor Eddison Rijna casting his vote on Election day. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – The Partido Demokrátiko Bonaire (PDB) has sent a letter to the head of the polling station with the request to recount the votes cast for the election of the island council.

“On March 15th, the elections took place for the members of the Island Council and for the members of the Electoral College for the Senate. The provisional result of the election of the members of the Island Council announced by you shows, with regard to the residual distribution of seats over the lists, such a small difference in the surplus of votes that a serious suspicion is justified that such mistakes were made at one or more polling stations during the counting of votes. have been made that they could influence the distribution of seats,” said the letter from the PDB, signed by party chairman Peter Silberie and party leader Clark Abraham.

A request to reinstate votes can be made under Article P 21 of the Electoral Act.

“We also request precise information on the number of votes cast by proxy, and precise information on and explanation of possible differences – per polling station – between the number of voters admitted to the vote and the number of votes counted” , said the letter sent by the Democrats.

As soon as possible

The PDB ends its letter by emphasizing that speed is required to create clarity for voters. “In the interest of rapid clarity for the voter, we hope that you will honor our request and carry out the re-admission as soon as possible,” the letter from the red party reads.

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