Democratic Party Bonaire elects new board

Democratic Party Bonaire elects new board
The newly elected Board President received congratulations after his election

KRALENDIJK- Opposition party Partido Demokrátiko Boneriano (PDB) has elected a new board on Saturday, during a general meeting of members at the ABVO building.

Peter Silberie has been elected as the new party chairman. The new chairman was elected unanimously. The eight other members of the new board are Edson Frans, Caroline Cicilia, Micheal Pieters, Verna Bernabela, Julien Kops, Niyana Faneite, Sendion Balentin i lider polítiko Clark Abraham.

Alsi Anthony, Eric Delanoy, Rolanda Hellburg-Makaai and Ruvieni Rodriguez have been elected as alternate members.


In addition to the election of the new board, the evening was also highlighted by various speakers. The red line among the speakers was the desire to arrive at a new direction for the island. The PDB  -not entirely surprising for an opposition party- is not very happy with the general line of the MPB/UPB Government. 

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