Democratic party Bonaire opens party office in Antriol

Quite some people had come out to celebrate the opening of the new party office in Antriol. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – On Friday, the festive opening of the party office of the Democratic Party Bonaire (PDB) took place in the Antriol district.

On the evening, which was well attended, several party celebrities spoke. Albert Christiaan indicated that parties try to blame each other for disappointing results, but it is more important to ensure that there is actual change now.

Party leader Clark Abraham told the crowd that all votes matter. “We are going for five seats in the island council. We need them to implement actual changes. Some people talk about progress made, but many citizens don’t feel it at all,” says Abraham. He also said that he thinks that the current Executive Council is not doing a good job. “One party has released a jingle claiming that we have all moved forward in the past period. Perhaps they themselves have made progress ourselves, but all of us have not,” says Abraham.

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