Democratic Party wants to see documents which led to crisis in Executive Council Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – The Partido Demokrátiko Boneriano (PDB) has sent a sharp letter to Island Governor Edison Rijna in connection with the administrative crisis that has arisen regarding the licensing of the Sunset Beach Resort.

Not only does the party express its surprise at the stalemate that has arisen within the executive council, but it also requests the necessary documents that can shed light on the background of the problems that have arisen.

“With some surprise, but all the more alarming, we learned in the media of a stalemate in the Executive Council that arose on Wednesday 18 May” according to the PDB in their letter. 

The red party says that they understand that the conflict has its origin in a request from a developer to be exempted from certain provisions of the ‘Spatial Development Plan Bonaire’ (ROB). In concrete terms, the party states, it concerns maximum building height and gutter height, as well as the policy established in the ‘Strategic Tourism Plan’. This policy, recalls the PDB, would be aimed at attracting more ‘Boutique Hotels’ with a maximum of 60 to 100 rooms.

“What surprises us is that a majority of the Commissioners on the Council have spoken out against the request(s) for exemption – two to one – but that you have chosen to take a political position and vote on this. request for deviation or exemption from existing policy, as a result of which the voting ratio in the Board has come to an end,” writes the PDB in its letter of Monday.

No government

The opposition party also points out that since the meeting in question, the executive council has not met again. “With this Bonaire is practically without government, states the letter signed by party leader Clark Abraham and council lady Rolanda Helburg-Makaai.

In its letter, the red party also points out that, despite the serious administrative crisis, the Island Council has not received any notice to date from the Executive Board or from Rijna as its chairperson.


The PDB also complains about island Governor Rijna’s absence at the Island Council meeting of last Tuesday, 24 May. The party points out that it had submitted a request for the presence of the full Executive Council, including Rijna herself as chairman.

“We were surprised to learn that all the Commissioners of the Board were present with you as the only absentee, while you have a significant share and responsibility in the administrative crisis that has arisen,” the PDB now states.

The party also points out that the resulting crisis in local Government cannot and should not continue. “Society has a right to know what the Executive Council does and chooses and with what arguments. What are the arguments put forward for exempting policy already established and what is the ‘special case’ that the Executive Council considers granting the exemption?”.

The PDB also expresses fear that will all exceptions applied, exception becomes the rule and arbitrariness will prevail, which in turn harms the public interest. Our group considers this state of affairs to be so worrying that we are submitting a request for an extraordinary Council meeting by means of Article 18 paragraph 2 wolBES and Article 13 paragraph 1 Rules of Procedure”, the PDB continues its letter.


The party now wants to receive, among other things, all documents related to the granting of a permit for the development of Lot C on the site of the former Sunset Beach Resort. In addition, the PDB also wants access to the so-called Development Agreement between Bonaire Government Buildings [B.O.G.] and the buyer of the site. In addition, the PDB wants an overview of all decisions, correspondence as well as statements, both written and oral, by and towards the Executive Council or the Lieutenant Governor in their role as representative of the shareholder in the General Meeting of Shareholders [AvA] of Bonaire Holding Maatschappij NV [BHM] or its subsidiary, Bonaire Government Buildings NV regarding the sale and/or development of Lot C on the site of the former Sunset Beach Resort, from January 2018;

The PDB says it expects that Island Governor Rijna will send an order within seven days, in accordance with the provisions of the Rules of Procedure.

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