Democratic Party with various questions for Executive Council

KRALENDIJK – The Partido Demokrátiko Boneiru (PDB) of party leader Clark Abraham has again fired a lot of questions at the Executive Council.

The party wants to ask the questions during the so-called question hour (vragen-uurtje) during the Public Meeting of the Island Council, which will take place on Monday afternoon. For example, the party has questions about enforcement when it comes to short-term rental in residential areas, but also when it comes to enforcement in the case of heavy industrial activities that are undertaken in agricultural areas.

In addition, the PDB would like to have insight into the developments when it comes to the independent survival of BONLAB.

The party has also heard about a disturbed working atmosphere at Flamingo Airport and wants to question the responsible commissioner about this.

Finally, the party wants to be informed about the rules that are enforced when it comes to maximum building height for tourist projects.

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