Den Heyer Discusses ‘Social Minimum’ in Holland

Commissioner Den Heyer with State Secretary Tamara van Ark. Photo: Bonaire Government.

Kralendijk/The Hague -Commissioner Nina den Heyer this week has met state secretary Tamara van Ark of Social Affairs and Employment to discuss a number of current issues of importance to the island.

“We have of course talked about the process towards establishing a subsistence minimum, a subject that concerns many people on Bonaire, but also the State Secretary and me. We have given a lot of thought and will continue the conversation on St. Eustatius at the end of June, “said Deputy Den Heyer.

Den Heyer said she had also made use of the opportunity to explain to Van Ark her vision on childcare. “I would like to see childcare accessible for the 0 to 4 years old. We also discussed the importance of debt counseling and the use of tailor-made assistance in cases of domestic violence”, according to Den Heyer.

Den Heyer said she also conveyed to Van Ark the need for a form of unemployment benefits on Bonaire.

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