Den Heyer: ‘Study the feasibility of own Blood Bank’

Commissioner Den Heyer met with private sector resprentatives to discuss concerns about imminent cuts to PCN pensions

KRALENDIJK- Commissioner Nina den Heyer is of the opinion that a study should be done to research the feasibility of setting up a separate blood bank on Bonaire. That is what Commissioner Nina den Heyer, with Public Health in her portfolio, brought up this week in a conversation with State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport, Maarten van Ooijen.

The possibility for Bonaire of having its ‘own’ blood bank was not Den Heyer’s only item on the agenda. “We also discussed the provision of care on our island that is culture-intensive and where the family is central,” said the deputy.

Den Heyer is of the opinion that this does not only concern the treatment of patients, but also the care methods that are used. In addition, Den Heyer, together with her fellow commissioners, pleaded for keeping Bonaire’s own Laboratory, BonLab, open.

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