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Deposed Government Statia Looses Injunction Against Dutch State; Appeal in the Making

Members of the disposed government with a number of supporters.

Oranjestad- The deposed Government of St. Eustatius, led by PLP and independent Councilman Reuben Merkman have lost their first Court case against the Dutch Government.

The Judge who heard the case, deemed that article 73 of the Charter of the United Nations -based on which the injunction was filed- was no longer applicable  since the signing of the Statute in the year 1954 by the former Netherlands Antilles.

The judge also reasoned that the population in the year 2010 had agreed to be integrated into The Netherlands. Furthermore, according to Judge Van der Burgt, since the anchoring of the position of the Public Entites (Saba, St. Eustatius and Bonaire), Dutch laws were applicable on the islands, and as such, Dutch Government was authorized to intervene in Local Government.

The plaintiffs in the case, do not agree with the ruling by Van der Burgt and plan to file an appeal.

“The Netherlands was only discharged of its obligations under article 73e of the UN Charter, and the majority of the population of Sint Eustatius never chose the current status, and still are opposed to it,” according to PLP party leader Clyde van Putten. According to the group led by Van Putten, regardless of which status the people of Sint Eustatius chose or will choose voluntarily, it must always meet the criterion of a full measure of self-government based on absolute equality with the Netherlands.

“Based on this preliminary review of today’s ruling, and the fact that the ongoing main proceedings allow the plaintiffs the opportunity to elaborate on their arguments, an appeal to today’s ruling in the summary proceedings will be filed”, said Van Putten this evening in a press release.

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