Deputy Kroon kicks off new library automation

KRALENDIJK – On Monday, June 26, the new library automation system was inaugurated in a festive manner. Deputy Kroon received the very first new library card from Mrs. Alian Spelde, head of the library department, and personally scanned the books he wanted to borrow.

With the new library system, Wise by OCLC, a world of opportunities opens up for the residents of Bonaire. Library members can not only borrow books available at the Kaya Gramel library, but they can also easily access e-books. There are over 40,000 digital titles available to library members, along with 10,000 audiobooks, a wide range of magazines, podcasts, and free courses for both work and personal interests.

Through the new library website, ‘’, not only can members access the online library, but they can also view the library’s catalog. On the website, library members can perform various tasks such as searching the catalog, reserving or renewing books. Children seeking information on youth books or other subjects can find resources both at the library and on the website for their presentations or assignments.

In addition to the new library automation and the revamped website, a new app is also available for library members. The ‘Bibliotheek Wise’ app can be found in the app store, enabling library users to search, reserve, renew, and more.

All existing library members can obtain a new library card at the library, which grants them access to all library facilities.

Not a library member yet? Membership is free for individuals under 18 years old and costs $6 per year for residents of Bonaire aged 18 and above.

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