Design for Bachelor’s Beach threatens natural appearance

A recent photo of Bachelor’s Beach | Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – The candidate on the top of the PDB, Giannie van der Heuvel, expressed her thoughts on Monday when it comes to recent developments around Bachelor’s Beach.

“In my opinion, the design is much too robust with all the concrete and clinkers used in it, so that the natural look disappears completely. A makeover like this does not contribute at all to the authentic “look” of Bonaire”, says van der Heuvel.

If, in my opinion, the location is structurally maintained, this is more than enough. I think our Bonaire should remain our dushi Bonaire and we should be careful with these foreign ideas and standards.

Not against development

Van den Heuvel also says emphatically that he is not against development in a general sense. “I want to be clear that I am certainly not against the development of our island, but I am against ideas that are not proportional and do not fit our nature and culture. Just like me, many others agree with me against the plan to adapt this area in this way,” says Van den Heuvel.

Will the members of the current island government continue to pretend that their noses are bleeding and just continue with the plans without any vision?

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