Detained MBO students help Kalor di Hogar nursing home

Employees of JICN and FORMA handing over the goods made by the detainees. Photo: RCN

KRALENDIJK- The Judicial Institution Caribbean Netherlands offers detainees the opportunity to develop as individuals.

By gaining qualifications, detainees are able to increase their chances of building a publicly acceptable life for themselves once they return to society. In addition, study courses can also add a certain degree of structure during someone’s period of detention. This project is called Ban Pa Kambio and means ‘Let’s go for change’. The courses are being offered in collaboration with Fundashon FORMA. 

If detainees possess good basic skills when it comes to reading and writing, they can progress to the MBO 1 course and choose from three profiles: Construction, Landscaping and Hospitality. A lot of work is available in these three sectors on Bonaire. This means there is a good chance of students finding a job after their detention period, and of making a positive contribution to society.

Citizenship course

Detainees who follow an MBO course during their detention must do something to serve society as part of the Citizenship course. With this in mind, an institution or foundation is selected each year, which students can assist by personally producing useful items. Fundashon Kalor di Hogar was selected this year and is a nursing home for the elderly. 

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