Dia di Nort di Saliña selebrated with much enthusiasm

An image of the festivities including a performance by the famous Maskarada group. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK – On Friday, December 15, the 14th edition of the ‘Día di Nort di Saliña’ was celebrated in Kralendijk. During the ceremony, the news was shared that soon two statues of Indians will be placed at the neighbourhood’s entrance, which will be donated by Tony Leijnse. 

Papito Thomas, the chairman of SKAL, emphasized the significance of the celebration and thanked JC & Friends for their contribution to the neighbourhood song. Thimotheo Silberie spoke on behalf of the commissioner and encouraged the protection of the neighbourhood. 


Mairon Serberie received special recognition for his positive transformation, and the day concluded with music and a masquerade presentation, making it a successful event for the Nort di Saliña community.

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