Discussion about Purple Friday exposes broader dissatisfaction in parents SGB

Photo Liseo Boneriano

KRALENDIJK – Parents of students at the Scholengemeenschap Bonaire (SGB) are dissatisfied with parental involvement at the school. This is especially the case with Liseo Boneriano.

Many parents were not at all happy with the call from the SGB management to students to participate in Purple Friday last Friday, as a sign of support for the LGBTI+ community, encouraging children with a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender orientation. .

The discontent in parents however seems to go further than that. Many parents, including those on the Parent Council, feel they are not being heard and believe that they are poorly consulted. Although the members of the Parent Council say they have many concerns and regularly share them with the school, in their opinion there is little follow-up by the school management.

“This is about many things. Not only about the Purple Friday, which was announced from one day to the next, without proper consultation or communication. But it also concerns, for example, material that in our opinion is of an insufficient level, and bullying behavior of certain teachers towards the students,” said one of the parents.

No alternative

What worries many parents is that there is no alternative to Liseo on Bonaire. “Liseo is the only school of this kind on Bonaire. As a parent I cannot say “I will pick up my child from school”, if it is the only school for HAVO and VWO on Bonaire”.

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