Doctor Bernabela has gone on retirement

Doctor Bernabela is confident her patients will continue to be in good hands. Photo: ABC Online Media

KRALENDIJK- Doctor Esther Bernabela on Wednesday formally said goodbye to the clinic that she has run for many years: She has decided to go enjoy her retirement.

Bernabela assured those present that the clinic will continue to provide the same good service to patients. “In principle, everything remains the same. Doctor Lont will continue the clinic, with the support of Dr Adrienn Valeria Vegh. She has been working at the clinic on Antriol for a year and a half and she is very good at dealing with our people”.

Several people came to the clinic to personally say goodbye to the popular doctor. Bernabela indicated that she would finish some things in the background, but that she would now leave the treatment of patients to her colleagues.

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