Dogs Forbidden on Most Beaches in Bonaire

Dogs may not be walked in the read areas of the map. Photo: Government of Bonaire
areas off limit for dogs

Dogs may not be walked in the read areas of the map. Photo: Government of Bonaire

Kralendijk- The Government of Bonaire reminds inhabitants that they issued a ban on the walking of of dogs on certain beaches (coastal areas) of Bonaire. The ban has been in place from the year 2012. Government says the reason for this ban is the safety of the beach users and the protection of nature.

According to Government, it is known that some dog owners lie take their dog to the beach. These dogs are sometimes kept on a leash but often also loose. The number of people taking their canine friends to the beach has increased in recent years. In order to prevent accidents and people being bitten by dogs, a ban has been issued for certain beaches. On these beaches no one can take their dogs, be it on a leash or not.

The ban is also important because it prevents dogs from digging turtles’ nests or, for example, escaping and entering a nature reserve such as the brine lake. If many dogs come to a beach, this also causes a hygienic problem because dogs do their needs on the beaches.

Recently signs have also been posted on the relevant beaches so that it is clear to everyone on which beaches the ban applies. It is good to know that the ban applies to places such as the areas Sorobon, Cai and the entire area between the salt pier and the Willem Tower, so also on Pink Beach and Peliké, for example.

It is still possible however, according to information provided by the Government, to walk dogs on beaches between Punt Vierkant and the Salt Pier and between the Willemstoren and Sorobon.

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