Domestic violence and child abuse training

Kralendijk – On Thursday 20 February 2020, the Public Entity Bonaire organised a training on the legal framework domestic violence Child abuse on the BES Islands. The training deals with the legal framework that applies to topics such as privacy, professional secrecy, carefully sharing information and reporting.

The training sessions are part of a broader plan of tackling Domestic Violence and Child Abuse drawn up from the 2017 Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Governance Agreement. This board agreement is the focus of 4 pillars. The provision of a reporting structure, strengthening assistance through promoting expertise, expanding reception sites and prevention through information.

On the BES Islands, there are no specific Caribbean Dutch legislation to tackle domestic violence and child abuse. Due to the lack of a so-called reporting law, this means that they have to go through a roadmap before reporting domestic violence without the consent of the clients and Child abuse can make.

Throughout the year, OLB organizes monthly information meetings. The meetings are given by the trainers Ingrid Sealy and Desiree Frans. Every month, a different profession is central. The month of February was the turn of the medical professions.

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