Donkeys transported from Bonaire to Aruba, the story of the day

Rincon, on the boat together with Curry, Zumba and Pluto. Photo: Donkey Sanctuary Aruba

KRALENDIJK – The transport of four male donkeys from Bonaire to Aruba has turned out to be the news of the day on Monday, leading to astonishment but also a lot of jokes.

“Lack of suffient real men on the island leads to import from Bonaire,” jokes news site Noticia Cla, only to later add that it concerns donkeys.

Initially, there was concern on Bonaire about the transport, which was captured on camera by some, while the purpose of the transport was unknown. However, after explained the background on its news sites, many responded positively. “Better to be taken to Aruba than to be killed here on the road,” one comment reads. Many agree with this statement.

The transport of the male donkeys is carried out at the request of the Donkey Sanctuary in Aruba, in order to sustain the donkey population there in a healthy manner.


Moreover, the transport of the four animals is not the only success of the donkey sanctuary in Bonaire. The organization recently provided advice on the establishment of a similar sanctuary on the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Currently, the donkey sanctuary in Bonaire is home to more than 800 donkeys.

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